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Malinka GeorgievaMalinka Georgieva
Document Technologists Ampoule factory

My name is Malinka Georgieva. I completed my Masters as a Medical Chemistry at the Sofia University Kliment Ochridski and a second degree in Enterprise Management.

I work in the Ampoule factory at Sopharma AD since 21.01.2004. I was hired to prepare Infusion Solutions and a few months later I was moved to the IPC laboratory at the Ampoule Factory as an Analyst.

The working environment at Sopharma gives me the opportunity for professional realization in my field. Here we work in accordance with all requirements of GDP and GLP. The employees are constantly trained and educated and are given a chance for career advancement.

Sopharma is one of the leading companies in SEE and is well established on the domestic and foreign markets with its extensive product portfolio.
To me this is not only a job, but also an activity related to saving thousands of human lives.

Daniel VassilevDaniel Vassilev
Manager warehouse Substances

My name is Daniel Vassielv. I am 30 years-old.

I completed my Masters degree in chemical engineering from the Chemical and Technological Metallurgic University in Sofia in the year 2000.

I work in Sopharma since 2001 when I started preparing injection solutions in the ampoule factory. Later I worked as Warehouse Manager in the ampoule production facility and as of now I work as an Expedition Manager in the Substances warehouse.

The pharmaceutical company Sopharma AD provides very good opportunities for professional development, qualification and training and competitive career advancement for each employee.

My motivation to choose this company is its market positions, working conditions, attitude towards the employees and the availability of personalized development and training. If I had to make this choice again today I would apply for a position at Sopharma AD.

Mila BeshkovaMila Beshkova
Chemist at Quality Control Department

I completed my masters degree at the Sofia University in 2003.

I work in Sopharma AD since 01.03.2004. Since I didnt have any professional experience I was attracted by the opportunity Sopharma provides to young people to learn and gain experience in a well established pharmaceutical company.

For the last three years I work in the Stability laboratory which we established in the very beginning of my work at Sopharma.

I like the challenge this position provides to constantly learn new things, to advance and perfect and to solve problems the position is not routine, but rather very dynamic and full of every day variety.

Sopharma provides opportunities for training and education and as part of this process I visited a conference in Prague on the topic of Stability and also a training program in London.

Konstantin BelchevichenKonstantin Belchevichen
Regulatory Coordination Manager at Medical and Regulatory Activities

I completed my university education at the Chemical University in Sofia as a chemical engineer in 2003 and since 2005 I worked in Sopharma AD as a Regulatory Coordination Manager and I am currently responsible for Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine.

I like my job at Sopharma for a number of reasons, but the most important one is the dynamics of the daily tasks which requires constantly creating new acquaintances, learning about the specifics in each country and applying the knowledge gained every day.

The regulatory requirements in the different countries are changing all the time lately as the main idea behind the amendments is to increase control of the production of pharmaceutical products and to improve their quality and safety.

This cause substantial structural change in Sopharma one of which was the establishment of a separate structural unit dealing with medical and regulatory issues. This is a new beginning with a young and ambitious team having modern and innovative approach in the working process with creative decision making processes and actions. I am very glad that to have the opportunity to take part in all this and to have the chance for professional development in this interesting field.