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Video clip and Internet site in support of the Bulgarian application to host the European Medicine Agency
Bulgaria is among the 19 candidates for hosting the European Medicine Agency (EMA), which – in connection with Brexit - will change its headquarters next year. The Bulgarian government has presented a site and a video clip on the country's application which can be found at According to the information there contained, the Bulgarian pharmaceutical sector can boast with 12,000 highly qualified professionals and since the mi...
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A representative of Sopharma AD of was elected to the Executive bureau of MEDICINES FOR EUROPE for a third consecutive term
The director of the department of ”Business operations, strategic and organizational development” at “Sopharma” AD, Mr. Vladimir Afenliev, was unanimously elected at the general assembly of “MEDICINES FOR EUROPE” (the former EGA) held at the end of June in Lisbon. This is the third consecutive mandate for Mr. Afenliev; during the previous term he also served as vice-president of the Executive bureau. The election of Mr. Afenliev is an impressive recognition of t...
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Sopharma AD with contribution for a clean and beautiful capital city
On the day before Palm Sunday employees of Sopharma AD took care of the cleanliness of Nadezhda District. The public transport stops, as well as the Iliensko Shose Blvd. itself, were washed using company own equipment and detergents. For several years now the stops along Iliensko Shose Blvd. have been maintained by Sopharma AD in good appearance by regular cleaning and repairs. The initiative on 07.04.2017 was a good opportunity for further contribution to the Sofia Spring Cleaning campaign.
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