A representative of Sopharma AD of was elected to the Executive bureau of MEDICINES FOR EUROPE for a third consecutive term


The director of the department of ”Business operations, strategic and organizational development” at “Sopharma” AD, Mr. Vladimir Afenliev, was unanimously elected at the general assembly of “MEDICINES FOR EUROPE” (the former EGA) held at the end of June in Lisbon. This is the third consecutive mandate for Mr. Afenliev; during the previous term he also served as vice-president of the Executive bureau.

The election of Mr. Afenliev is an impressive recognition of the active role of “SOPHARMA” as a full member of the Association being, at the same time, one of the fastest growing regional leaders in Central and Eastern Europe. As a member of the Executive bureau during his the previous term, Mr. Afeneliev was also the chairman of a group working on the development of the market environment and market access in the CEE – an activity  which will most probably be continued during the new mandate too.

Mr. Aflenliev has worked for several multinational original and generic companies.