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Manufacturing of film-coated tablets
Sopharma is a leading Bulgarian manufacturer of solid dosage forms, especially film-coated tablets. We provide our customers with a dependable, experienced and trustworthy resource for the contract manufacturing of film-coated tablets. Our production has been well accepted both by the local and the export markets (the largest share of exports being Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Poland).

Manufacturing of film-coated tablets

In the world of tablet manufacturers, there is a lot of disagreement about what makes a company a quality manufacturing company. For us, the key to becoming the best manufacturer is a dedication to the customers needs.  In addition, the best tablet manufacturers are those that can provide you with sensible services at a reasonable cost. That would be us. We can help you to improve profits and lower overhead.

Our facilities offer a complete process that extends from dispensing, granulation, compression and coating to primary and secondary packaging.

Tablet Plant Sofia:

The tablet plant has an advanced manufacturing capacity, a plentitude of technological experience and a committed and highly qualified team. We are capable of manufacturing a large variety of tablet shapes and sizes. Upon demand, customized tablet shapes can also be manufactured. Tablets can be coated according to customers needs, using film or sugar coating.

Main manufacturing equipment includes:

    Fluid bed dryers:
-    BOSCH - HUETTLIN (nominal volume 527 l) with drying capacity 50?240 kg/ granulation 50?210 kg
-    BOSCH - HUETTLIN (nominal volume 937 l) with capacity 100?490 kg/ granulation 100?375 kg
    Blenders with capacities 306 ?1 300 l, 170?720 l, 102?433 l. All from L.B. Bohle Maschinen
    Film-coating drums with capacities 200?400 kg; 90?120 kg (Manesty and Bohle)
    High Shear Mixer (nominal volume 527 l) with capacity 65?180 kg (BOCSH-HUETTLIN)
    Tablet presses - FETTE
    Packaging lines Uhlmann
    Capsule filling machine MG2 Planeta (capsules size 0?4)

Vrabevo Plant:

Main manufacturing equipment includes:

    Fluid bed dryer Glatt WSG-CD 60 with capacity 40?120 l
    Blender Glatt KCM with capacity 40?100 l
    Film-coating drum GSM 175 with capacity 80?130 kg

Bulgarian Rose Sevtopolis plant:

Main manufacturing equipment includes:

    Fluid bed dryer Glatt WSG-UDP 60 with capacity 40?100 l
    Blender with capacity 40?100 l, 80?200 l, 225?600 l
    Film-coating drums :
-    Glatt  GC 1250 with capacity 80?150 kg
-    Glatt  GC 1500 with capacity 200?340 kg
-    Technicota 400 with capacity 200?340 kg
    High Shear Mixer Fielder RMA 400/ 261 VAC with capacity 80?140 kg
    Capsule filler Macofar MT 80 (capsules size 0?4)

For additional information, please contact us:

Ana Lichkova
Manager Contract Manufacturing and New Products
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