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Contract manufacturing of semisolid dosage forms

Contract manufacturing of semisolid dosage formsThe "Vrabevo" plant – The Bulgarian dream come true

In 2003 the new plant of Sopharma Ad in Vrabevo was opened by the President of the Republic of Bulgaria Mr. George Parvanov.

The investments made amount to 10 million EUR and every step of the construction of the plant are carried out according to GMP standards.

The plant is situated in the ecological area of the Troyan mountain with a total production area of 6 000 sq. m. The plant is a proof of the high social responsibility of Sopharma and provides 350 working places – a real opportunity for the local population.

The plant has a license by the Bulgarian National Drug Agency for production of solid forms, gels, syrups and unguents.

The main medicinal products produced at the plant are in the following areas: gastroenterology, cardiology, pulmology, allergy, analgesics, antipyretic, psychopharmacological and chemotherapeutic.

The production capacity includes:

    •    Solid forms: 1 billion annually
    •    Syrups: 20 million annually
    •    Unguents: 30 million annually

      The plant received the award for the best production building in the national competition Building of the Year 2003 and was licensed under the provisions of EU Directive 91/356.